Stacks:Space v1.0.5 released

v1.0.5 update features:

  • TUTORIAL (aka Guide) for Stacks:Space! If you don't know what to do, just follow the instructions and you will get a nice base in no time.
    • now the player needs to build Star Portal and retrieve five parts of the Star Portal Dial to complete the game.
    • Dial Parts are held by five unique bosses - to be defeated in fair and just battles! Bosses reside in their own locations and can summon boss-specific minions during the battle. Note: bosses are not easy to defeat, but you can always retreat and come back with reinforcements.
    • the total number of locations for Stacks:Space has reached ten: starting location + nine visitable independent locations.
  • UI improvements, bug fixes, and minor changes like droid => bot to avoid copyrighted names
  • NEW UNITS: acquire pet alien bugs (trainable!) and discover the way to produce your own spider bots and war bots!
  • REWARDS for quest completions!

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